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The innovative organic bedding made from 100% pure spruce timber –
for healthy horses and happy owners

Welcome to the Boxengold® horse world. We’re glad you found us!

Comfort and well-being are essential to your horse’s balance of mind and performance.
Boxengold® is the ideal bedding...

if your horse has a health problem and you’d like to make its life easier

if you’d rather spend time with your horse than mucking out, and are looking for a time-saving bedding option that also benefits your horse

if you want to reduce the volume of bedding manure at your yard, as well as your long-term operating costs

Achieve all those aims with Boxengold® – it’s ideal for the horse and economical in use.

Boxengold®, the innovative organic bedding, is made from 100% pure spruce timber sourced from the vast forests of Siebenbürgen. The untreated timber is chipped, heated, sieved multiple times and dedusted in an ultra-modern, thermal manufacturing process. The finished bedding is absolutely top quality.


Dust-free and hypoallergenic


Germ-free and deodorising


Sustainable and eco-friendly


Economical and waste-reducing


Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is an entirely natural product that is produced locally from sustainable timber and refined in an innovative process:

  • 100 % pure spruce wood without any artificial or chemical additives
  • Constant high quality – none of the weather-related fluctuation or storage damage that can happen to straw
  • Properly stored, it is almost entirely dust-free as the result of a multi-stage de-dusting process
  • Practically germ-free thanks to thermal treatment

Our mission – 360° sustainability

The entire lifecycle of Boxengold® is geared to maximum sustainability. Our Premium Ecostreu organic bedding is made from FSC-certified pine timber and the packaging is 100% recyclable (Green Dot). 75% of the transport route is via rail, which reduces carbon emissions by over 70%. After use Boxengold® can be entirely composted and returned to nature as fertiliser.

Sustainability – We take responsibility!

Boxengold Premium Ecostreu Sustainability


Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is economical in use – delivering benefits to both, horse and owner:

  • Hypoallergenic and ideal for horses with (chronic) respiratory diseases and allergies
  • A lightly springy, yet anti-slip and stable bedding material that is gentle on the horse's legs
  • Very economical to use due to a fibrous consistency and non-caking properties
  • Highly absorbent – liquids seep through to the lower layers where they are soaked up
  • There is considerably less odour build-up as a result

Read more about economical use and the health benefits

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Most people switch to an alternative bedding because their horse suffers from a respiratory problem. It may have developed a cough because it is allergic to straw dust or ammonia vapour, or because it has developed a general dust and mould allergy.

Other reasons for switching to a different type of horse bedding:

  • Consequences of the horse eating too much straw (overweight, bloating, colic etc.)
  • Hoof and skin problems (poor horn quality, thrush, cracked heels etc.)
  • The need for a firm yet elastic bedding after tendon and ligament injuries
  • Poor quality straw – after a bad harvest the only straw available is often dusty, dirty and, in some cases mouldy

Read more about Boxengold® and how economical it is to use!


Remove all the old horse bedding from the stable. The floor should be swept clean.


Mix Boxengold® LIQUID CLEANER with water according to the instructions on the pack and distribute it generously on the stable floor. Leave the microorganisms to work: after 2 to 3 hours all odours will have been eliminated.


Put an adequate amount of Boxengold® Ecostreu bedding in the box. Ideally, it should have a depth of around 15 cm (approx. 9 bales for a standard-size stable) over the entire floor.


You have to skip out every day, but you can leave the wet areas in the stable for up to 10 days. Then simply push the dry bedding on top aside and remove the wet bedding underneath. Only replenish the amount of bedding you have taken out – between 1 and 2 bales a week depending on the stable size.

Before you switch over from another type of horse bedding to Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu, we recommend that you clean your stable thoroughly with Boxengold® Liquid Cleaner to neutralise years of urine and manure residue, even deep down in the cracks.

Here’s how to maximise the effectiveness of Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu:

  • First of all remove all the old horse bedding from the stable
  • Mix the content of one bottle of Boxengold® Liquid Cleaner with 20-30 litres of water and apply the solution generously to the entire stable
  • Leave the Liquid Cleaner solution to soak into the floor, which takes 2 to 4 hours depending on its composition; the floor should be completely dry before you cover it with Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu
  • Repeat this deep cleaning process once a year if possible

Order Boxengold® Liquid Cleaner today for the gentle yet effective elimination of all toxic substances!

Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is most effective when the bedding layer is at least 15 cm thick. You will initially need 8 bales for an average 12 m² stable.

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Horses like to have dry, clean bedding that doesn’t smell of ammonia. Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu helps you to achieve that as a result of its excellent absorbency. Wet areas are generally small in diameter and therefore quick and simple to remove.

The wood fibres have a special structure that simplifies skipping out. Very few fibres adhere to the dung, which reduces the amount of clean horse bedding landing on the muck heap.

If you skip out daily and remove the wet patches every 6-10 days, you’ll soon notice how economical Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is. Depending on stable size, you’ll only need to add one bale or so of new bedding every week.

Wood generally takes longer than straw to reach the stage of rotting when it can be used as agricultural manure.

Our new Liquid Booster

  • Considerably accelerates the rotting process
  • Contains no chemical or artificial additives
  • Is simply sprayed onto the muck heap
  • Only uses natural microorganisms

Recent laboratory tests have revealed that the rotting process is accelerated by more than 12% over a 14-day period!

Respiratory problems: coughs and dust allergies

Horses that cough need plenty of fresh air and dust-free horse bedding!

Relatively a lot of horses are allergic to the dust and fungal spores that are often found in hay. The first thing you have to do to alleviate the problem is eliminate the cause of the cough.

If you take the following actions your horse’s breathing will improve and you’ll notice a genuine long-term improvement:

  • Ensure the horse gets plenty of fresh air – a loose barn or paddock box makes sense if the horse has a chronic cough. In any event the stable should have a window
  • Minimise the exposure of the horse’s respiratory system to dust and ammonia vapour. Choose a dust-free horse bedding type. Ensure that the horse is not in the stable when you’re mucking out, sweeping or shaking out hay
  • Horses with lung problems benefit from light daily exercise. It increases air intake to the lungs and helps to shift mucus. But never overexert the horse!
  • In more serious cases of respiratory disease it’s a good idea to check the riding arena and surrounding area for dust and allergens

Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is dust-free, deodorising, entirely mould-free and practically germ-free. It also provides effective thermal insulation in the winter. Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is therefore the perfect bedding alternative for horses with respiratory problems. Always consult a vet. We'll be happy to recommend the right expert for you!

Hoof and skin ailments: thrush and cracked heels

Horses with thrush or cracked heels need bedding that is as dry as possible and direct hoof or horn contact with the bacteria in the manure should be avoided.

Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu allows the urine to seep through to the bottom layer, where it is soaked up. If you don’t use the deep bedding method and your horse has a hoof or skin ailment, it’s a good idea to remove damp areas more frequently.

Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is produced in an innovative process that eliminates practically all germs. As a result, the affected areas of the hoof horn or skin are exposed to fewer of the bacteria that can cause thrush or cracked heels.

Metabolic processes: impaction colic and metabolic diseases

Some horses tend to eat a considerable amount of their bedding. The horse’s digestive system can cope with moderate amounts of straw as roughage. However, when consumed in excessive amounts it can cause colic – often due to impaction – and other digestive problems. Horses that eat too much straw can also become overweight, leading to metabolic problems.

In their natural environment, horses are on the move all day long, even if they’re only walking. Stabled horses obviously have less scope for free movement. Also, modern-day feeds contain a lot more energy than sparse steppe vegetation.

Seasonal weight fluctuations in horses that are put out to pasture in the summer months are normal. However, a horse carrying excessive weight over a long period of time can develop serious metabolic problems and diseases – e.g. EMS, laminitis or liver disease. It’s always difficult to establish the ideal diet for a horse and consulting a vet is always a good idea. We'll be happy to recommend the right expert for you!

Switching over to Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu is definitely a good choice if you want to control the amount of roughage your horse eats more effectively.

Musculoskeletal system: tendon injuries

The special fibre structure of Boxengold® Premium Ecostreu makes it slightly springy and also prevents the horse from slipping.

This is a big advantage for horses with musculoskeletal problems because the bedding prevents the hoof from sinking in and over-stretching the tendons and ligaments. It also cushions movement, which makes it gentle on the joints. Horses that are convalescing particularly benefit from having the right bedding to support the healing process.

Do you have any further questions about BOXENGOLD® Premium Ecostreu horses?

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You’re also welcome to contact us and arrange a detailed consultation at your stable.

BOXENGOLD® – the all-in concept for healthy horses
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