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Boxengold Premium Ecostreu Gepflügel Hühner

BOXENGOLD®: Our new recommendation!

STALLMACHER® has extensively tested the Premium Ecostreu from BOXENGOLD® and is enthusiastic: Satisfied hens, clean eggs and happy chicken farmers.

In our tests in the laying nest, the following advantages convinced us:

  • Accidentally dropped feces are bound very well and can therefore be removed more easily.
  • The freshly laid eggs remain dust-free.
  • No fine wood chips stick to the eggs due to the granular structure of the eco-litter.
  • The litter is quite compact so that the eggs do not sink.
  • Our hens do not look for feed in Premium Ecostreu, but this often happens with spelled husks.
  • After use in the laying nest, the litter can be used again in our manure tray.

Perfect for use in laying nests and excrement tubs.